Vulnerable characters who parade as invincible, forced proximity full of unabashed mischief, and love that blossoms from ice to fire.

Vol. 5 in Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers series.

Charlie Adler is just…

an ordinary social media coordinator. Or is she?

Charlie’s family had plans for her future, but she went off on her own, leaving behind everything, including her identity.

She relishes her freedom for a few years, but when Charlie is seriously injured in a car crash, she must pause her rebellion and seek help.

Help that comes in the form of Zach Tang, Project Viper’s roguish pianist, who also happens to be her boss. Sort of.

Always on a mission to tick her off for laughs, Zach is the last person Charlie expects to offer help. But since his bandmates have abandoned him for the summer, off on adventures of their own, Zach is bored out of his skull and needs something to keep his restless mind occupied.

Despite Charlie’s belief she’s just a charity case, seeing Zach dedicate himself with selfless abandon to her recovery forces her to accept he’s more than a fame-drunk, millionaire brat turned rock star.

Also, she’s not the only one with secrets. Zach has plenty of his own.

For starters, he knows who Charlie really is.