A sweet, contemporary, rockstar romance. Secret crushes, stage rivals, self-inflicted love triangles, and bashful protagonists who have to overcome their obstacles by making tough choices.

Vol. 3 in Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers series.

Juliette Davenport…

has always been the invisible girl.

Obsessed with everything Japan and photography, she also harbors a secret crush on Shane O’Neal, Project Viper’s rhythm guitarist. He’s gorgeous. He’s funny. He’s friendly. Who could resist?

But always hiding behind the camera lens, Juliette can never be in the picture herself—Shane’s got a girlfriend. What’s worse, she’s one of Juliette’s best friends.

Desperate to keep her heart under lock and key, Juliette hides behind a relationship with Jace Blackmore, Shane’s stage rival and sworn enemy. Jace’s presence is supposed to keep Shane away, but fate’s determined to throw Juliette and Shane together.

Everywhere. All the time. It has no mercy.

Because a dream-come-true trip to Tokyo to take promo pictures for Shane’s guitar-building start-up is the last thing Juliette needs.

Visiting Japan, though?

Juliette struggles to say no, even when she suspects it may be the biggest mistake she’ll ever make.