A sweet, contemporary, rockstar romance. Volatile musicians, high-octane smiles that weaken even the most flirting-proof hearts, and no-nonsense young women catching that one elusive love interest

Vol. 2 in Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers series.


CJ Sanchez has finally hit the sweet spot in his music career. It’s playing guitar and riding the wave of Project Viper’s fame forever and ever on, baby.

But when a severe case of artist block strikes right as the band starts their sold-out European tour and gears up to produce their next album—

His bandmates don’t need to know about that. Shhh.

Besides, there’s Fiona, the band’s gorgeous assistant. Dragging her on spur-of-the-moment dashes through European capitals and coaxing out her smile is far more fun than dealing with CJ’s issues.

Fiona may be running errands for Project Viper for a living, but as an aspiring comic book artist, she’s all too familiar with the devastation of creative slumps. And although she’s built some solid defenses against CJ, when the unapologetic flirt reveals his crisis to her, half-whispered in the middle of the night… It’s impossible for Fiona to refuse to keep his artist block a secret.

Or to stop falling for CJ’s breath-snatching smiles, playful winks, and inviting banter, all of which make it easy to forget about the possibility of a catastrophic fallout should the band find out the truth.

Too easy.