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A Sweet Rockstar Romance

Vulnerable characters parading as invincible, forced proximity full of unabashed mischief, and love that blossoms from ice to fire.

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Arya Matthews

Arya Matthews is a husband-and-wife creative duo that codes web applications by day and molds their snippets of imagination into stories by night.

Work and writing aside, we chase two kids, play guitars, can’t pass up a bag of Sweet Chili and Sour Cream chips at the supermarket, and dream of Tokyo ever since we went on a vacation there three years ago.

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Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers Series

unreasonable cover by arya matthews


Bewitching rock stars, young love, finding a new family, and winning against all odds, all wrapped in a lighthearted “k-drama” style.

unbreakable by arya matthews cover


Volatile musicians, high-octane smiles, no-nonsense young women catching that one elusive love interest. Prepare to flip through the pages at the speed of light.

Arya Matthews Cover of unSUSTAINable


Secret crushes, stage rivals, self-inflicted love triangles, and bashful protagonists overcoming their obstacles by making tough choices.

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