A reluctant rebel heroine collides with a swoony rock star hero. Both of them get a second chance at love. Will they make it stick this time?

Laurel halifax spent

the last four years hiding from paparazzi and her failure to follow in the footsteps of her revered musician father.

She intends to remain unseen and forgotten, but a chance encounter with Jace Blackmore, a guitar legend in progress, scatters Laurel’s intentions to the wind.

Obsessed with guitars and music, Jace is determined to dominate the world’s music industry. He’s a bold go-getter, but he’s on the brink of losing everything if he doesn’t convince everyone he knows (including himself) that he’s over a certain girl. His solution? Ask Laurel to be his rebound.

Laurel has been burnt by his kind before—a fame seeker who’s roguish and funny and carelessly handsome. Still, she’s fascinated by his brazen proposal, so she accepts it. Together they run into a series of (mis)adventures that make Laurel’s head spin and her heart spark to life. Jace makes her forget that she used to fear the tabloids. He makes her forget there was a time love meant duplicity and heartbreak.

And as their summer fling gains momentum, he also makes her forget that rebounds aren’t meant to last. Jace is different. He’s honest, and considerate, and he supports Laurel whether she chooses to step out into the light or remain in the shadows. He could never break her heart. Right…?