Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers vol. 1

When nineteen-year-old Alexandra joins Project Viper, a chart-smashing band, as their new bassist, it’s a far cry from a dream come true. She’s desperate for a fresh start, but the band’s striking frontman will stop at nothing to drive her out, including breaking her already devastated heart.

Romance,  Romantic Comedy, Contemporary, Rock Stars, Multi-cultural, Sweet & Wholesome, Rags to Riches, Enemies to Lovers, New Start

Heat Level: PG-13

unREASONable is a sweet, contemporary romance that combines quirky rock stars, young love, and finding a new family in a lighthearted k-drama style.

Alexandra is a carefree nineteen-year-old from Saint Petersburg, Russia until a fire destroys her family’s business and takes her parents with it. Now, instead of chasing her dreams of a singing career, she’s alone in the world, without a ruble to her name. Barely surviving, the last thing she expects is a job offer from her father’s friend with connections to the music industry in the United States. All she has to do is become the new bassist for Project Viper, a young, chart-smashing band. Alexandra’s never held a bass in her life, but she quickly discovers that impressing five hardcore rockers is loads trickier than learning a new instrument. Especially when it comes to Marshall, Project Viper’s striking frontman.

An orphan from an early age, Marshall’s been tossed about in foster care, mocked, and ignored. Now that millions worship the very air he breathes, Marshall doesn’t skip a beat enjoying his hard-earned fame and his band family. And although he agreed to give the idea of a new band member a spin, he never agreed to someone who looks like she’ll snap from just lifting a bass, knows nothing about show business, and keeps secrets from the band.

Her fresh grief and his outcast past make them a perfect match, but Marshall’s dead set on resisting his growing attraction to Alexandra and tossing her out of his brotherhood. Alexandra has only six months to prove she can rock it despite her inexperience, and While her future depends on securing a place with Project Viper, keeping her already fractured heart intact may prove to be the most impossible challenge yet.