Reluctant Heartbreakers & Sweet Troublemakers vol. 2


When nineteen-year-old Alexandra joins Project Viper, a chart-smashing band, as their new bassist, it’s a far cry from a dream come true. She’s desperate for a fresh start, but the band’s striking frontman will stop at nothing to drive her out, including breaking her already devastated heart.

Romance,  Romantic Comedy, Contemporary, Rock Stars, Sweet & Wholesome, Friends to Lovers

Heat Level: PG-13

unBREAKable is a clean, contemporary romance. Volatile rock stars, everything spiraling out of control, crashing dreams, and a perfect slow burn.

CJ’s song-writing genius propelled his band, Project Viper, to the top of every chart. It’s a perfect life until CJ hits an unexpected bump in his incandescent career—like the many girls he’s dated, the swoon-worthy melodies and lyrics leave him behind right before the band’s about to start working on a new album. At least there’s still Fiona, the gorgeous assistant who’s refreshing in her immunity to his charms.

Fiona may be answering emails for a living, but when she’s off the clock, she’s chasing a publishing deal for her graphic novel. It has landed her dozens of rejection letters, but they help her to not get distracted by a certain flirty guitarist. This works until Fiona goes on tour with Project Viper, during which CJ decides he trusts her enough to start unloading his creative woes on her.

Fiona promises to keep CJ’s struggle a secret, but her easy-flowing creativity fuels his growing despair, and he only tells her enough to take the edge off his crisis. Besides, it’s more fun to dash together through enchanting European cities, talking late into the night and coaxing out Fiona’s smile than dealing with his demons. But when the band discovers the true extent of CJ’s burnout and Fiona gets fired, CJ’s forced to consider whether he’s done more damage by pretending that everything was under control than if he would’ve admitted he was about to break.